Karaoke is a big part of Japanese business culture:

This is a humorous take on Japanese business culture. This Japanese businessman is truly a workaholic! The commercial depicts him working hard on his computer. Next scene shows him playing golf and (as he is expected to do if playing his boss) losing badly. You may as well hand in your resignation letter if you are planning on beating your boss at golf, but hopefully the boss isn't so bad that you have to hit the ball up a tree as this guy does. The next scene with the businessman shows him in a typical Japanese Karaoke bar wooing his business collegues. karaoke is extremely popular in Japan. It is common for Japanese businessmen to go out together after work for karaoke. (Click on picture to view commercial)

While the husband is 'out with the guys':

Taken from the same commercial as above, the businessman's wife sits at home alone, late at night, waiting again for her husband to come home from a full day on the job. It is not uncommon for a businessman to spend many hours with his business collegues, even after he has finished in the office. It is also looked down upon for a businessman to be the first one to leave the office, and he will always wait for the boss to go. Besides having to spend so much time socializing with collegues, he will also spend one - three hours commuting each way. By the time our Japanese businessman arrives home, he will only have about 6 hours maybe before it is time to get up to go back to work. (Click on picture to view commercial - same commercial as above)

Japanese Business Schools:

These are private schools that teach Japanese people how to become business men & women. This commercial shows the business man ready to slam his hand down to get the office's attention. This is a technique he must have picked up while at the school. He decides to use this technique after being silently introduced by his boss, who stands behind him. The office is of course a mad house with a total silence after he slams down his hand. He has their full attention so he now can proudly introduce himself and impress them by telling stating which business school he just graduated. (Click on picture to view commercial)

Should change lie ahead in Japanese culture?:

Two young school girls discuss what lies ahead for them in their future, and realize that it has already been decided for them. (Click on picture to view commercial)

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