Skippy's Kids Store
Synopsis: Clicking on the title will take you to the role play menu
This section will lead you through a role play designed to act as a cross-cultural business scenario gone awry. The role play takes place somewhere in Japan, within a U.S. company store named "Skippy's Kids Store." The exact type of store is not important, but it is one of a few stores within a widespread area of Japan. There are two main characters in this role play. Maki, who is the Japanese female employee The other character is Mr. Swan, who, title unknown, is a business pro, but very new to the international arena. Skippy's Kids Store Japan is actually Mr. Swan's first overseas assignment. Unfortunately, Skippy's Inc. does not provide its employees with any cultural training prior to departure, nor during their stay. During the four scenes that you will go through, there are a number of mistakes Mr. Swan makes while meeting with Maki. Each scene is available to you in three formats. You may choose to view the text-only format, or the text format with pictures/clips from each of the scenarios. Or you may choose to view the quicktime version that allows you to view each scenario as it happens. You may find it most helpful if you choose to look at more than one format, since you may notice some things in one format that you didn't quite pick up on when using the other format.
Your objective during each of these four short scenarios will be to determine as many mistakes as possible, which you think Mr. Swan is making during his meeting with Maki. Please keep in mind that you are to look at each of these scenarios from a Japanese perspective. If you are Japanese, you may find it interesting to note some differences you see between offices and businesspeople in Japan compare with that of Japan. After going through all four scenarios, please go to the "Scenario Feedback" section. This section will explain each of the scenarios and give you several ideas of what was inappropriate and explain why. In addition to the actions mentioned in the "scenario feedback" section, you may have also picked up on some additional actions that were also inappropriate, but were not mentioned within the feedback section. It is important to keep in mind that each company operates differently, and not everything that is mentioned apply to every company or employee depending on the situation and circumstances. For example, not every company operates with a string of companies spread out over a large geographical area. Not every employee is of the same age. While going through each scenario, it will be important for you to open your mind to the various possibilities. This is an excercise that is meant to broaden your mind, however, the most important thing of all to do during this excercise is to enjoy it and have fun! I did. Click on the title at the top of the page and let's get started.